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Pavlo and Band – September 22, 2017

Pavlo and Band – September 22, 2017

Pavlo and Band will perform at Faith Assembly Auditorium (1800 Road 72, Pasco, WA), on September 22, 2017, at 7:30pm.

A Mediterranean guitarist, dubbed “Greek God of the Guitar,” is a true world artist who brings audiences to their feet with a unique style and flavor. When joined by Greek bouzouki, bass, and percussion players, he blends Greek, flamenco, Latin, and Balkan flavors into contemporary pop. Pavlo is an international guitar sensation and master showman.

Over the span of his 20-year career, Pavlo – the internationally renowned, award-winning recording artist, performer and songwriter – has released 10 albums, plus two collaborative projects. Born in Toronto to Greek parents, Pavlo has made a name for himself by offering a musical amalgam he simply calls “Mediterranean music” – a blend of Greek, flamenco, Latin, and even Balkan flavours, wrapped in contemporary pop.

His music has taken him all around the world. Along the way he has performed for royalty in the likes of Prince Charles and worked and toured with artists such as José Feliciano , Olivia Newton-John and The Tenors. It has never been more convincing, Pavlo is a true world artist, and has become famous for bringing every audience to their feet.

Pavlo is currently on tour promoting his second PBS special Live in Kastoria Greece and is still driven by his father’s words: “Have the courage to do what you love, and the drive to do it well.”

Read more about Pavlo and Band on their website: www.pavlo.com

What the Press is saying about Pavlo and Band:

“Master Showman!” – London Free Press

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