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Four Freshmen – May 3, 2018

Four Freshmen – May 3, 2018

Four Freshmen will perform at Faith Assembly Auditorium (1800 Road 72, Pasco, WA), on May 3, 2018, at 7:30pm.

Today’s quartet creates a sound that changes the way vocal jazz harmony is heard and performed. With pure energy and great songs from the past and present, they preserve the Freshmen sound and enhance it with youth, vitality, and talent.

Pure energy and great songs from the past and present, today’s Four Freshmen is considered to be the greatest vocal group of all time. They preserve the Freshmen sound while enhancing it with youth, vitality and talent. Always fantastic. Staying simple and true.

In 1948, four young men created a sound that forever changed the way vocal jazz harmony was heard and performed. Known as The Four Freshmen, the group started with two brothers, Don and Ross Barbour, their cousin Bob Flanigan, and friend Hal Kratzsch. With a soaring, true tenor in Bob Flanigan, the group created a sound that has endured for over 6 decades. Hal Kratzsch sang the bass part and played trumpet. He sang the bass part with a big sound, laying the foundation for the Barbour brothers to add their beautiful inner part stylings. Ross sang the 3rd part and played drums. Don sang the 2nd part and played guitar. Thus, the original Four Freshmen was born and began touring, playing bowling alleys and small clubs across the country.

Early on in their career, the Freshmen met Stan Kenton. He had heard the rumors of a vocal group that sounded like his band. The Freshmen were all fans of Kenton and in many ways, modeled their sound after the Kenton trombone section. Once Kenton heard them, he was hooked. He loved the group and believed in them so much that he approached Capital and essentially got the Freshmen signed in 1950. This led to a fruitful partnership between Capital Records and the Freshmen for over 10 years. During the Capital years, the Freshmen had some of their biggest hits, including their first hit with Capital called “It’s A Blue World.”

Read more about Four Freshmen on their website: www.fourfreshmen.com

What the Press is saying about Four Freshmen:

“From the moment they step on stage The Four Freshmen will get your heart pounding and your feet moving. With pure energy and great songs from the past and the present, the Freshmen deliver a world of music that will send some listeners back to the bygone era of their youth, while introducing others to a brand of vocal harmony entertainment that is surely to leave them wondering “Why haven’t I gone to see them earlier?” One thing is for sure. When you go to a Four Freshmen concert you will not forget it.”

“An Ultra talented Quartet of Vocalists”
– The Wall Street Journal

“…singing a super-tight, ultra-hip four-part harmony over a foundation of straight-ahead jazz… borderline magical, downright electric, inducing chills.”
– Palm Beach Daily News

“Unisons, harmonies, open voicings, movable inner parts—all so beautiful and so, so modern. The Four Freshmen of today are as good as the band during the Ken Albers days. … the good news is the Four Freshmen are still making great music.”
– Tim Hauser, The Manhattan Transfer

“With a trunk-full of tried and true melodies, a friendly stage presence and a soaring harmony that was so tight a sheet of paper couldn’t slide between it.”
– Lebanon Daily News

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