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Chase Padgett, 6 Guitars – April 5, 2018

Chase Padgett, 6 Guitars – April 5, 2018

Chase Padgett will perform at Faith Assembly Auditorium (1800 Road 72, Pasco, WA), on April 5, 2018, at 7:30pm.

One guitarist playing blues, classical, rock, country, jazz, and folk music delivers a virtuosic performance as he becomes a chameleon. With each change in style, a different musician of a different age and character appears to explain why the style of music he prefers is superior. All six are as distinct as their music, so when they play asong together, the effect is mesmerizing. This is where the true magic of 6 Guitars becomes evident. The performance is a pitch perfect blend of music, comedy, and characters.

Chase Padgett is not just a skilled musician, he’s also a bit of a chameleon. In his show 6 Guitars, Padgett plays six very different musicians. Apparently, they have been asked to come together to explain to the audience why the style of music they prefer is so important. There’s Tyrone, an 86-year-old African-American blues guitarist with a wry sense of humour. He maintains that the blues are all about hot women, hot cars, bad luck and too much booze or drugs and he confesses he learned this first hand. With the flick of a tongue, Tyrone morphs into Michael, a 20-year-old heavy metal aficionado who still lives in his parents’ basement.

In a hilarious improvised scene where he interviews an audience member, Michael attempts to illustrate how absolutely anything and anyone can become the subject of a rock anthem. Emanuel is a classical guitarist whose ability to coax warmth and melancholy from his guitar is far superior to his mastery of the English language. Padgett doesn’t mock Emanuel because he gives the man such a sweet, vulnerable nature. Rupert is a farm boy who had to forego football for a guitar when he fell off the roof of his house. Like Tyrone, he feels all great country tunes are about women, cars, rifles and booze. Wesley the jazz guitarist is a bit of a snob. He insists he doesn’t have to talk about why jazz is so superior, he just has to play a few chords and it will be obvious. He also implies that if he did actually try to explain jazz to non-musicians it would be too difficult for them to understand.

Finally, there’s Peter, a flamboyant aging folksinger. He seems a bit too precious about folk music until he tells a story about his uncle’s funeral. If you’re going to need to wipe away a tear or two during the show, this is probably the point where it will happen. All six of these men are as distinct as their music so when Padgett has them play a song together the effect is mesmerizing and this is where the true magic of 6 Guitars becomes evident.

Padgett is showing us why music soothes the savage beast and feeds the soul and he’s doing it with a twinkle in his eye and some impressive finger work on his guitar.

Read more about Chase Padgett on his website: www.chasepadgett.com/shows/6-guitars/

What the Press is saying about Chase Padgett:

“5 stars, Chase Padgett’s Six Guitars is nothing short of a storytelling masterpiece. The play will leave you doing two things: laughing until you cry, and lifting your jaw to its proper position.”
–The Edmonton Sun

“Actor and musician Chase Padgett expertly combines his guitar chops with his acting abilities to deliver a stunning performance…”
– Austin Post

“6 Guitars is note perfect.” – Ottawa Citizen

“Chase Padgett’s accomplishment in 6 Guitars is so virtuosic that it had me on my feet.”
– Georgia Straight

“5 Stars, A masterful storyteller and captivating entertainer…”
– Vue Weekly

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