• Tuesday , 19 October 2021
2019-2020 Season Preview

2019-2020 Season Preview

Community Concerts of the Tri-Cities is planning an excellent concert series at Faith Tri-Cities Auditorium (FT) or Richland High School (RHS) at 7:30 pm. Doors open at 7:00 pm. The Faith Assembly Auditorium is at 1800 Road 72 (Near Court Street), Pasco. Richland High School is at 930 Long Avenue in Richland. The current plans for the new season are as follows:

Halcyon – Aerialists – September 17, 2019 (RHS)

An adventure tale, AERUM, told through heart-stopping aerial routines and amazing acrobatics. A time traveler meets the beautiful defender of nature’s power – only to find that power threatened by dark forces. Thrill to the original music, choreography, and some never-seen-before aerial performances by six aerialists. This performance seamlessly integrates compelling storytelling and characters with world-class acrobatics and aerials. With an award-winning cast, award winning soundtrack, and a rich narrative, the Halcyon performance promises an experience for every age audience. An unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Arcis – Saxophone Quartet – October 25, 2019 (FT)

With charismatic and authentic stage presence, this quartet sets audiences aflame with their enthusiasm and passion for their rare form of chamber music. The four saxophonists from Munich bring world-class technique together with bright and joyful performances to create an indescribable concert experience. A wild explosion of rhythm and colors and their gripping musicality makes them outstanding and unique. They have a wide artistic range, and perform everything from Bach to Gershwin.

Tango del Cielo – Harpist, Dance of Heaven – November 14, 2019 (RHS)

Concert harpist Anna Maria Mendieta leads you through the tight turns, dips and smoky cafes of Argentina by performing the passionate and sensuous music of the Argentine Tango and the dramatic and fiery Spanish Flamenco. She brings together the harp, strings, percussion and dance. The performance features a fusion of many Latin styles including Argentine Tango, Flamenco, Spanish Classical, and Latin Jazz — experience this wholly captivating music in a way never before presented!

Sons of Serendip – Male Quartet – March 24, 2020 (FT)

A musical group of four friends, who through a series of serendipitous events, came together in graduate school; two teachers, a former attorney, and a former cello instructor. They each had been playing their instruments since childhood, but in 2014, they came together to start a long beautiful journey of creating music that touches people’s hearts. To this day, they continue to create beautiful music with a harp, piano, cello, and voice. Their music resonates deeply with listeners and, in many ways, makes their lives a little better – even if just for a moment. 

Lost Fingers – Vocal Quartet – April 30, 2020 (FT)

An acoustic trio and vocalist, the Lost Fingers named after the two missing fingers of jazz legend Django Reinhardt and based in Quebec City, Canada, are known for their love of classic gypsy jazz, and ’80s pop hits. Their shows are a blending of both – seemingly disparate — styles, – covering hit ’80s tunes as well as playing homage to jazz legends. Their reputation and skill have won them a great many fans very quickly. The group, soon after forming, was playing some of the world’s best-known festivals, including a ten-night stand at the Montreal Jazz Festival.